Healing Circle

The Healing Circle provides support for women and their children experiencing Family and Domestic Violence.

Child abuse and neglect can happen in any family and can have lasting, damaging effects. Protecting children and young people from abuse and neglect is the responsibility of the whole community.

The Healing Circle facilitates:

  • Monthly groups, with Childcare provided
  • Guest speakers attend as and when identified by the women
  • Individual sessions, including counselling for women and children

The need for this project was identified by the women attending the weekly Multi Mix Mob Indigenous Women's Playgroup, 90% of the women had identified needs in relation to Family and Domestic Violence. The outcomes identified in the provision of the project were to enhance women and children’s rights to a safe and stable environment in addressing the impacts of Family and Domestic Violence on their wellbeing.

The Multi Mix Mob, who have a commitment to ‘inclusiveness’, hence the mix of cultures at the Healing Circle, have further enhanced their profile in the community and at national & international levels. This has come about through their success in establishing the Healing Circle along with their aspirational approach in setting personal and community goals for the ongoing building of capacity in their community.

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AccessEAP has partnered with Curran Access Children's Foundation to provide welfare for families and children in need through a number of projects.

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