Puberty Clues

Puberty Clues, is an interactive mobile APP featuring the provision of accurate and age appropriate information to empower school-going children to make safe, positive and informed decisions.

The initial target group is 10-12 years old with the expectation that approximately 2,500 children and 2,000 parents will access the information. Puberty Clues is a safe, fun way for 10-12 year olds to learn puberty changes through interactive exercises illustrating the physical and emotional changes they experience and the impact it has on their personal development. There is general information and specific resources for boys and for girls, guiding them through the journey to become healthy, responsible adults. The app includes illustrations, educational resources and common questions. The resource is developed as an addition to classroom teaching for students, parents and teachers. The app can be used as a standalone resource for family interaction to use in their own time.The APP is now available for free download at Google Play and the App Store.

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